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Antwerp University Hospital

Antwerp University Hospital

Antwerp University Hospital (UZA) is a scientific research centre closely involved in the continuing improvement of healthcare.

Medical innovation, the continuous search for new technology and the link to innovative ICT applications should result in the UZA remaining pioneer in efficient patient care.

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Elke Smits, manager research & innovation
03 821 40 49

Partner of BlueHealth Antwerp

When Antwerp asked the UZA to help shoulder BlueHealth Antwerp, they did not have to think twice about the offer.
Elke Smits: "For us, it is extremely important to get involved in projects that determine the future of better care at an early stage. Instead of watching from the sidelines, we want to play a pioneering role in each new form of innovation.
Startups that develop software can set up a test case with the UZA or another hospital, with which they can validate their processes. That practical environment is priceless.
I myself have a connecting function between startups, 42 medical departments and our own IT department. Within BlueHealth, the UZA primarily has a coaching role.”


Elke Smits: “It is for startups very important and necessary that the UZA can provide an ethical and legal framework. ICT processes involving medical data always come up against boundaries of privacy and legality, and that's when our role and expertise prove crucial. We advise on how innovation in eHealth can, and may, be applied in practice. 


“In concrete terms, we look for processes that add structure to a proliferation of medical data. But also innovation that addresses care that is increasingly home care, and how we can then deal with mobile data, remain a challenge.
Investing in innovation and clinical research has been a top priority for the UZA for years, and our partnership in BlueHealth Antwerp chimes in with this: We want to translate new eHealth projects into practical projects as soon as possible.
As a university centre, this is how we help to continuously improve the medical landscape as a whole.”