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City of Antwerp

City of Antwerp

The City of Antwerp commissioned a study in early 2015 on economic growth clusters in the city. This shows that eHealth is one of the most important growth sectors.

The city brought together several partners from the research community, the medical sector and corporate businesses to promote innovation within the health sector. Together, they founded BlueHealth in Antwerp.

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Julie Van Nuwenborg, projectmanager Startup City
0471 51 32 84

Partner of BlueHealth Antwerp

Julie Van Nuwenborg: “The creation of BlueHealth Antwerp forms part of an active policy of the city to support startups in various sectors. We are working to establish a thriving ecosystem where startups, growing companies, corporates, coaches and investors all come into contact with each other.”
"Accordingly, we give student entrepreneurs, startups, incubation initiatives and growth companies all the room they need to do their thing. We also support them financially in certain study programmes and foreign missions. StartupVillage is a shining example of this. The city renovated a historic building in the centre of the city and from April 2016, will be providing room for incubation projects, growth companies and an innovative business and event lounge. BlueHealth Antwerp will be given a permanent home here. This shows that the city wants to create space for startups in eHealth and wants to offer them the innovation expertise from different partners.  To complete the circle, the city buys services and products from local startups via IT partner Digipolis.” 


Julie Van Nuwenborg: “As a city, we take on the role of initiator and facilitator. We bring startups into contact with our network and involve them in our communication and promotion initiatives. At relevant networking and matchmaking events, they will be able to expand both their knowledge and networks."
"Their base is the inspiring environment of StartupVillage in the bustling heart of the city and in the immediate vicinity of relevant players. The wide range of health facilities, highly-skilled and experienced workers, the pleasant living environment and the city as an economic engine are an additional bonus.”


“The possibilities are limitless in eHealth, where quality prevails in the selection rounds. We want to encourage innovative entrepreneurship and thus provide more quality and reduced healthcare costs. Thanks to the successful collaboration, we want to occupy an important position in the eHealth growth cluster."