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The CoFoundry

The CoFoundry

In order to convert an idea into a sustainable company, an entrepreneur needs a network, advice, logistical support, expertise and financial support. The CoFoundry came about last year as a brainchild of the Cronos Group. With a passion for innovation, The CoFoundry helps entrepreneurs in their quest for technological solutions, with their go-to-market and concrete business expertise. They also adopt the role of a seed-fund investor. After all the hours spent thinking, it's time for real entrepreneurship.

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Wim Bijnens

Partner of BlueHealth Antwerp

Bert Van Wassenhove (co-founder): "We select entrepreneurs and invest taking into consideration return on investment. But however good an idea of a startup sounds, ideas must be transformed at some point into concrete and sustainable business. That’s exactly where entrepreneurs invariably seem to flounder. The CoFoundry climbs aboard the moment innovative ideas have become real products or turnkey services. In other words, we support and finance in practice.”


“Any growing business needs technology, marketing and experience when taking important business decisions. These are no details, on the contrary. A strong commercial story and appropriate communication can determine the success of an enterprise, while wise technology choices determine the long-term success of your business."
"The CoFoundry has all the expertise to coach and support entrepreneurs in various aspects of business operations. Specifically, we help solve technological issues, infrastructure issues or the practical implementation of IT platforms."
"Moreover, we have a wide marketing and communication network, which helps us with the marketing approach, rolling out a strategy for social media or very specifically, sending out tweets or press releases. Finally, we rely on 25 years of entrepreneurial experience that we can fall back on with the Cronos Group, the main partner of The CoFoundry.”


“The CoFoundry will be present with a team of advisers at StartupVillage in Antwerp. The intention is to be able to work very intensively and efficiently with the operators there, without any physical barriers; a quick and short link. E-health has huge potential for innovative applications, so we are very curious to see what BlueHealth Antwerp will come up with.”