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Doctors spend hours each day on admin, time they would rather invest in the care of their patients. Startup Lynxcare has developed software that records medical data efficiently and makes it available to patients and physicians. The purpose of the new technology is for physicians to save time and provide quality medical care to patients with complex files.

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Clinical workspace
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Dries Hens & Georges De Feu
0472 68 37 42

Point of departure

Doctor Dries Hens and pharmacist Georges De Feu started from the premise that there is a poor flow of patient information in the healthcare sector. Lynxcare was set up with the aim of reducing the administrative burden on physicians and transforming this into results-driven information management. Fewer hours spent on admin means better patient care.


Lynxcare aims to organise unstructured medical data in a readily understood format. For this purpose, the startup developed semi-automatic software that records all medical information correctly, collates it and makes it available to doctors or patients by means of a password.

Powered by BlueHealth Antwerp

Dries Hens: “Via iMinds, we ended up at BlueHealth Antwerp. For us, BlueHealth Antwerp is an ideal platform to test our project in practice. Thanks to the partners AGFA Healthcare and UZA, we can work with medical data in a hospital setting. For us, this knowhow is the perfect red carpet towards concrete case studies.”


Lynxcare launched a pilot project in one hospital in early 2016. By mid-2016, the startup would like to start up several concrete cases.