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University of Antwerp

University of Antwerp

As a research institution, the University of Antwerp has the task to support its researchers in the 'marketing' of innovative products and services.
They can contact the interface Unit, where business developers put all their coaching expertise on the table to translate the ideas of BlueHealth Antwerp into profitable startup companies.
Contact us: 
Peggy Verelst, business development UAntwerpen
03 265 30 99

Partner of BlueHealth Antwerp


Peggy Verelst: “With the Interface Unit, we link academia with industry. We put companies that are looking for innovations in touch with the appropriate researchers. Furthermore, we support our researchers to market their ideas and to transfer their knowledge and technology into entrepreneurship.
For our own research, this usually ends with the creation of a spin-off. As a partner of BlueHealth Antwerp, we can assist startups much further in their growth.”


Peggy Verelst: “Our team of business developers advises and coaches the startups of BlueHealth Antwerp in the development of their ideas to start up a company.
As a coach, we are a kind of sounding board, a so-called business buddy. We are partners who ask the right questions at the right time.
Is your starting premise strong enough? Are there sufficient funds available to meet the timing? What knowledge is needed to strengthen your product? Is there a need for your product or service?
Today, ehealth is booming business globally, but the foundation of a solidly underpinned business success remains the same as for other industries.
As we boast a wide range of knowledge in University of Antwerp, we can also connect startups to partners who can help them address their IT questions, software development, interface creation or other practical needs.”


“A key value of BlueHealth Antwerp is the very practical cooperation with the various partners involved: startups are given very real opportunities to develop coaching, validation, pilot projects and structures at the crucial stage of their business development.
In the selection of the startups that we help, the parameters are very broad, just because eHealth applications today are so limitless. Yet, the desire to succeed and the teams' enthusiasm are often more decisive than finding the gap in the market.